Flight Dispatcher

Cougar Helicopters Inc. currently has a full-time permanent opportunity for a Flight Dispatcher,


General Job Definition

The Flight Dispatcher will be responsible, under the direction of the Lead Dispatcher for exercising operational control over all Cougar Helicopters flights in accordance with the Company Operations Manual (COM), Flight Dispatch Procedures Manual (FDPM) and all applicable regulatory agencies and structure.  

Key Job Responsibilities

  • Perform flight planning for all Company flights, notifying commercial departments of planned payloads and minimum fuel requirements;
  • Brief each flight crew on anticipated flight conditions;
  • Communicate planned fuel requirements to fueling agent;
  • Ensure required IFR/VFR flight plans are filed with the appropriate Air Traffic Services facility;
  • Communicate any special handling requirements, including customs to down line stations;
  • Initiate all emergency response procedures pertaining to company flights;
  • Perform flight watch over all Company flights, ensuring flight crews are kept abreast of changing flight conditions;
  • Perform daily audits on completed flight reports, making any required changes; and
  • Assist the Lead Dispatcher with other duties as assigned.

Safety and Quality Responsibilities

  • Practice workplace safety;
  • Be familiar with and comply with the Cougar SMS and HSE policies and procedures;
  • Demonstrate a willingness to adapt to changing philosophy and work diligently to introduce and develop new procedures/techniques both in training and SOP’s;
  • Be responsible for knowing, understanding and complying with the workplace requirements for Cougar’s day-to-day operations and asking for assistance when they are unclear about a workplace process to complete a job task safely;
  • Report hazards: If an employee encounters an unsafe or harmful condition or situation or if they are unclear if a task is safe, the employee is responsible to report this immediately to their supervisor or through the Cougar Safety Hazard Observation Program (S.H.O.P.); and
  • Wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when applicable.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Restricted Aeronautical Radio License;
  • Minimum 2 years aviation experience;
  • Must obtain and maintain Controlled Goods Clearance;
  • Must successfully pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol test;
  • Must have successfully completed the Transport Canada Operations (FDOPS 005 03) and Meteorology (FDMET 005 01) examinations; and
  • Previous experience as a certified Flight Dispatcher is preferred.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Strong skills in Microsoft Office;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of internet web-based applications and functions;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic meteorology;
  • Preference will be given to dispatchers with previous experience in the East Coast of Canada and/or  helicopter operations; and
  • Computer skills to administrative functions as required by the duties.

Interested parties should forward their updated resume and cover letter to Human Resources by email. Please attach a resume and cover letter in the form of PDF or Microsoft word document and identify your interest in the position by stating the subject line: "CHI-FD-01-2020”

Posted: January 13, 2020


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We greatly appreciate your interest in Cougar. Because of the large volume of applications that we receive, it is impossible for us to speak with every candidate personally. After review of our staffing requirements and matching the candidate credentials, the most qualified candidates will be contacted for interviews.